Do you feel like you've always put others first, and you and your career goals second?

Are you tired of having to shove down your feelings of imposter syndrome?

Are you ready to become the powerhouse professional you want to be?

Are you ready to stop imagining the career and life you want, and start living it, but you just aren't sure how to move forward?

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching provides professionals with an opportunity to focus on their career objectives. An executive coach works with an individual, with a team or with an organization to achieve optimal results. The executive coach provides an objective, unbiased perspective to help professionals identify successful solutions and effective behaviors to achieve professional goals.

A major advantage offered by executive coaching occurs during a period some would erroneously consider coaching unnecessary – times of stability. These periods can be powerfully impacted by coaching. Instead of becoming complacent, or relying on outdated or ineffective methods, coaching can encourage continued improvement in executives, professionals and organizations; it becomes a source for professional development without removing the individual from his or her daily responsibilities.

Overall, executive coaching provides individuals and businesses the opportunity to identify strengths and learn how to utilize them to ensure continued success in future endeavors.

Where can I meet with Dr. Robin?

Depending upon the needs, preferences and schedule of the individual or team, coaching can be accomplished in a variety of ways: in-person, video, teleconference, or through a combination of these methods.

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