Dr. Robin Buckley

Cognitive Behavioral Coach:
Executive and Couples

Dr. Robin earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Hofstra University in 2001 and started training as a certified coach in 2005 through the College of Executive Coaching, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Her work includes significant experience in clinical environments which allowed her to develop expertise in cognitive and behavioral interactions and strategies. In addition, Dr. Robin has worked with leaders in business, education and healthcare using data-driven approaches to enhance their skills and target their goals, individually, and in groups via workshops and keynote presentations.

The executive clients who work with Dr. Robin are looking for a place to focus on their ultimate goals. Their initial requests are regarding their professional lives, but often their personal goals intertwine with their executive roles. In the coaching sessions, clients "get down to business", dropping all coping mechanisms, doubts and social demands to authentically connect with what they want their lives to be. Within the confidential sessions, they are able to voice their challenges and determine strategies towards their optimal professional and personal lives.

In addition, Dr. Robin works with couples looking to establish strong foundations before commitment or couples who want to strengthen a current relationship. Unlike couples therapy, the sessions focus on the present and future, using strength-based and goal-focused approaches. Through the use of a business framework, relationship strategy allows for objective spaces in which couples can create concrete, logical plans for their future without the distraction of emotional upheaval.

Dr. Robin's education, training and experience makes her work as a coach different, providing a platform of expertise not found with all coaches. Overall, clients work with her to determine the cognitive or emotional roadblocks hindering the lives they want, and then determine the best strategies to effectively manage these blocks. This allows for clarity to consider options, to identify solutions and to formulate plans. Through this, clients see immediate changes in their present lives and develop energy to manifest long-term goals.