Before establishing a commitment, do you want to identify concrete strategies and clear KPIs to ensure the success of your relationship?

Has your connectedness been disrupted and you want to reestablish the former strengths, or build new ones, for the relationship?

Do you want to avoid the challenges from past relationships, and have a higher ROI in your current relationship?

Are you tired of emotional upheaval getting in the way of figuring out how to make your relationship work, and you're looking for a new model for relationship improvement?

What is Marriage LLC?

Marriage, LLC, is a proprietary coaching model for high-powered couples used to success in their professional lives, and wanting the same success in their relationships. The Marriage, LLC, program uses a business framework and cognitive-behavioral strategies to support couples in creating and executing concrete, strategic plans for developing their relationships. Couples choose this program at varying stages of their relationships:

  • Couples who are establishing a commitment for the first time in their lives either through moving in together, engagement or marriage and want to establish a strong foundation for their commitment;
  • Couples who are stepping into a commitment after experiencing unsuccessful commitments in past relationships and who do not want to repeat the challenges or pitfalls in the new commitment;
  • Couples who are “in a rut” and want their relationship to be more satisfying and happier.

Ultimately, these couples want to establish a higher return on investment and increase the likelihood for success in their relationship. While Marriage, LLC, is not a guarantee of success, it is an approach to create a concrete plan towards success in the relationship.

Where can I meet with Dr. Robin?

Depending upon the needs, preferences and schedule of the couple, coaching can be accomplished in a variety of ways: in-person, video, teleconference, or through a combination of these methods.

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