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Robin Buckley is a professional speaker and executive coach who possesses an exceptional skill set that allows her to drive transformative growth in individuals. With her unique blend of expertise and charisma, Robin has the ability to inspire and guide individuals in making actionable changes in their careers, lives, or relationships. One of the standout qualities of Robin is her candid approach when addressing sensitive topics. She fearlessly delves into subjects related to mental health, women's empowerment, and sexual wellness, providing valuable insights and strategies for personal growth. By combining thorough research with a touch of humor, Robin creates a comfortable and engaging environment for participants to discuss and learn about these important matters. Furthermore, Robin possesses exceptional communication skills, which enable her to connect with diverse audiences effortlessly. Whether speaking to a large corporate gathering or a more intimate setting, their presentations are consistently tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of the audience. This adaptability ensures that everyone feels included, motivated, and ready to implement the practical steps shared. - Melissa Christenson, President, Creative Training Resources

Robin's knowledge about male and female equity and equality blew me away. Her science backed findings brought new light to similar conversations and presentations we've heard so many times before. We never know until we talk about it, and Dr. Buckley can easily bring personal and private topics to light in a professional, respectful way. - Cyrena-Marie Arnold, reThought Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Buckley presented a customized session titled The Cast of the A-Team: Allies, Advocates, and Activists. Her personal and thoughtful approach to both light and heavier topics creates a safe space to engage and learn vital and applicable skills. We continue to advance with each presentation held with Dr. Buckley. - Liz Ortiz, Aristocrat Technologies, Enterprise Quality, Chief of Staff

Dr. Robin created a custom program based upon several sessions that she advertised. When she came to present, her energy was amazing. She had everyone’s attention and no one picked up a phone or device. She infused life into all of us and provided things that we could implement to be more productive at home, in life and at work. - Theresa Hatton, Massachusetts Association of Realtors

Dr. Robin is clearly well qualified and extremely capable in her role. We both enjoy working with her. - MB, South Berwick, ME

Robin is a great listener while also eliciting helpful dialogue through perceptive and highly relevant questions. She offers thoughtful suggestions that show she has been thinking about our past discussions and where we are in terms of progress. Having never been to a life coach before (but my share of therapists), my experience with Robin has been very enlightening in the best possible way. Through thoughtful questions and suggestions, she has been very helpful in improving my communication which in turn has had a positive effect on the relationship I have with my spouse. - JC, Greenland, NH

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Robin Buckley. I have now had the opportunity to attend two of her speaking engagements, one in-person and one virtual, and both times were equally captivating and left me with goosebumps. Dr. Robin has a unique ability to capture the attention of an audience. She also connects to the group, however large, in a personal way that makes her discussion relatable to anyone listening/watching. She interacts through her presentations with audience participation and involvement, which makes the discussion that much more engaging. The topics she discusses are conveyed with such poise and professionalism, but never lack that element of light-heartedness one hopes for as an audience member. I could go on and on, but overall, Dr. Robin never fails to impress, and I highly recommend her to anyone. - Brooke Finch, Senior Process Engineer at Aristocrat Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Robin Buckley is able to engage the audience even through zoom. Her activities really get the audience thinking and puts into perspective her talking points. Would love to get her here in person for an in-person session for all of Aristocrat women (not just engineering). Would 1000% recommend her as a speaker to anyone. :) - Anonymous, Aristocrat Technologies, Inc.

Working with Dr. Robin has been nothing short of exceptional. My husband and I work together and had blurred lines of when to shut off business and get back to being present in our relationship and family. Using relatable business scenarios my husband and I were able to make easy, but life-changing alterations that have already helped to ensure our long-term strength and happiness as a couple. It has also to allowed us to be a positive example to our child, and as a byproduct a more productive and successful team within our business as well. Forever thankful to have met Dr. Robin! - CP, Middleton, MA

I was emotionally hungover for 3 days after hearing Dr. Buckley speak (in the best way possible). I would watch her over and over again. I still get goosebumps thinking about her presentation.- Conference Attendee

Dr. Robin Buckley is the epitome of excellence in her field. I was honored to be in the audience for her keynote speech at a recent women's conference and was awed by her brilliance, her graceful speaking abilities and tact for presenting. She is simply brilliant, and she couldn't be in a better field, as she is so well suited to improve the lives of so many people and couples. Just listening to Robin talk leaves you full of inspiration and motivation. Anyone would be (smart and) honored to have her as their guest speaker! - Heather Stasiak -- Real Estate Broker and Private Real Estate Coaching/Training Consultant

It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Robin Buckley as a public speaker. Her recent keynote speech at the HER Conference was inspiring, informative, intellectual, interactive, and intuitive. As an audience, we laughed, we cried, and we grew. She took us on a journey of personal and professional growth that was thought-provoking, memorable, and useful. I will personally jump at the chance to hear her speak again and I will also look for the opportunity to have her speak for the organizations which I am affiliated with. In short, Robin is a very smart and a very nice person with important things to say and relevant and engaging ways of saying them. Not to be missed. - Iona Evans Attorney at Law

Dr. Robin was our very first keynote speaker at our annual H.E.R. Conference for women in Hampton, NH. I have listened to a few other presentations she has given in the past and knew she would be a great fit for our event. She blew it out of the water and nailed the purpose and messaging of the event. Saying she was AMAZING is an understatement! Robin was completely engaging with a dynamic and powerful message to the group of well over 100 women. My only regret, is not being able to see her live for her TEDx talk in May! As a speaker, she isn't afraid to bring up sensitive conversations and encourage others to dive into courageous conversations with each other. I would highly recommend Robin as a professional speaker. - Danielle Nonamaker

I continue to be blown away by Robin. As a speaker, she has found a way to package her vast knowledge, experience, and unique perspectives into talks that are interesting, engaging, informative, and thought-provoking. She has crafted talks that are important, relevant and timely for so many of us in our day-to-day lives. Robin's speaking style is polished and professional, while keeping the attention of the audience throughout. I highly recommend Robin as a professional speaker. - Lisa Keslar, Co-owner, Keslar Insurance Agency, Newmarket, NH

I would highly recommend Dr. Robin Buckley as a speaker on a multitude of topics. She is engaging, energetic and draws in the audience with her easy confidence, humor and insightful storytelling. I recently had the opportunity to see Dr. Robin speak at a Tedx event and she was easily one of the favorite speakers of the day. As a Relationship Strategist and Executive Coach, in addition to her years of experience as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Dr. Robin can speak on many topics affecting the human experience, but based on the Tedx talk I heard I believe she has a very strong voice and message for women and how it is to be a woman in the modern world. Her observations, and insights demand a new perspective. She is truly inspiring. - Maki Pombo Maki Pombo at Managing Partner at Peak Business Consultants LLC

During each session that Dr. Robin has facilitated for Soul Models, I am in awe of her knowledge, compassion, and innate ability to connect with our participants. I have also had the great fortune of experiencing similar activities presented in an adult forum. Dr. Robin helps guide you through a process of self-exploration, helping to shine a light on our own core strengths and abilities. To say that the work that I have done with Dr. Robin has had a profound impact, both personal and professionally, would be an understatement. I’m so excited to see the growth as we continue to work together. - Carrie Penna Executive Director at SEACOAST SOUL MODELS

I was lucky enough to assist in organizing and actively participating in a conference where Robin was a keynote speaker. The process behind the scenes was flawless, and the proposal was exactly what we were looking for for the keynote address. As for the keynote itself, Robin was fantastic. She is a natural on stage and has so much to share with women and the world in general. The information she shared and the stories she told were robust and beautifully connected to the conference's theme. Well done, and thank you, Robin! - Talia Rosenblum, Board of Directors for H.E.R. Conference, Hampton, NH

I recently had the pleasure of attending Dr. Robin Buckley’s keynote speech at the H.E.R. Conference in Hampton, New Hampshire. Robin is an entertaining speaker who engages her audience and provides valuable information on a variety of topics. For example, her focus in her keynote was on the role of powerful women in changing traditional norms in networking and leadership. In February of 2022, Robin was the featured presenter at the Seacoast Women’s Network, speaking on how women can use their professional and personal skills to enhance their relationships. Robin speaks with clarity, authority, and humor and appeals to many audiences. She is a kind and sympathetic person and I would strongly recommend her as a keynote speaker for any venue. - Karen Schuster, Vice President, Seacoast Women's Network, Portsmouth, NH

I was lucky enough to have Robin as our Keynote speaker for the H.E.R women’s conference this past week. She is an amazing speaker and has a way of captivating the entire room just by her words and actions. We had some technological trouble with some slides she provided but this did not deter Robin from delivering an excellent talk and really engaging with the audience. I cannot say enough good things about Robin and I would love to see her speak again! - Martha Clyde, Board of Directors for H.E.R. Conference, Hampton, NH

If you or someone you love is LGBTQ and needs someone safe and amazing to talk to I highly recommend Dr. Robin Buckley at the Insights Group in Rye, NH. She specializes in LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 Psychology services for children over 11, pre-teens and adults. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know her and she is truly an amazing woman who instantly makes you feel at ease and safe. - Missi Pitcher, Owner, MaxCharles Salon & Spa, Greenland, NH

Doctor Buckley is an outstanding person, helping my sister and I with many things, including self awareness. Through her classes, Empowering Girls and Psychology In Our Lives, we have learned to condition our brains to value positivity and kindness. My sister and I both agree that she has taught us so much that will continue to help us in the future. The things she has taught us have made it easier for us to transition into a new school. Overall she creates a comfortable environment for kids to be relaxed and she makes it easy to express yourself. We are very thankful for everything she has done. - SC & BC, Saco, ME  

Robin provided a great team building session for my annual staff retreat. Highlights included some goal setting and sharing positive attributes about our team members, along with some short break out sessions for a nice, uplifting session. It was brief but chockfull of great content and coaching. We will be back and I would gladly recommend Robin for team building workshops and other relationship coaching. - Darci Knowles, DARCI Creative, Portsmouth, NH

Thank you. The [strategies] are giving me a lot of relief. I've struggled to gain control over my reactions to spiraling emotions and these methods are helping me stay focused on my goals. My imposter syndrome has lessened and I'm finding myself making consistent steps towards the career I WANT. - HW, NH

Thank you for all of your help these last 6 months. Life changing. - CD, Durham, NH

Thank you for all the help in getting to this point. When I started with you, I never would have imagined feeling strong and confident in any way as I am beginning to now. - JH, Stratham, NH

Our relationship was falling a bit off track. After the adoption of our daughter, we noticed that issues kept coming up between us. It seemed that after 10 years of dating and marriage, the old ways we were interacting weren't working now that we had more responsibilities in our life. We reached out to Dr. Robin after hearing about her work with some friends and the fact that she worked with gay couples. We didn't feel comfortable with "couples therapy" but we wanted to make sure to get support before things got us to the point of needing theapy. Dr. Robin's no nonsense approach kept us on task with homework while still letting us guide the direction of the coaching. We felt like each session led us closer to our relationship goals and in the end, we had a blueprint of how to oversee and direct our marriage in the future. Thanks, Robin! - Jake & Michael, Rye, NH

Dr. Robin's approach is direct and all business.  As we were taking steps to get married, we knew we didn't want to repeat the past mistakes from our earlier marriages. We also didn't want to do couples therapy because we didn't have issues between us, but we were looking for a way to make our marriage work better than our past experiences. We picked Dr. Robin because we had heard about her business approach to relationships and since both of us work in business (finance and marketing), we decided to try it. We cannot stress enough how amazing her approach is! There was no "deep dive" into our pasts. We focused on where we were and where we wanted to get to. We applied solid frameworks to our relationship, putting it into practical and tactical terms. We noticed improvements in our communication almost immediately and routinely use the plan we created with Dr. Robin in our relationship. - EG & PM, New York, NY

Dr. Robin has an excellent grasp of how to open conversations and pull on threads that help unravel thoughts and pathways to better understanding. She has helped me with my control, my relationships with other women and my husband. During a particularly difficult time recently, she was able to help me decide some next steps with a special friend. I love that she is engaging and kind but very knowledgeable and straightforward in her sessions. - SC, Dover, NH

Dr. Robin helped get me back on track. After losing my job, I felt demoralized. I kept wondering why didn't they "like me" and how could I expect to find another job in my 50s. My sessions with Dr. Robin first helped me attack the thoughts that were creating the self-defeating emotions and not allowing me to think clearly about my situation. Once I adopted the strategies she taught me, I was then able to define what I wanted in my next career move. I felt empowered, like I could select the right organization which matched my values and interests, rather than needing to take whatever job I might be offered. After only four months of coaching, I was back to job searching and after only three different organizational interviews, I was offered my dream job, earning double what I had been at my original workplace. I honestly don't think I could've done this, especially in such a short period of time, without Dr. Robin. - MO, Boston, MA  

I was worried about my daughter and felt helpless. She finally agreed to meet with Dr. Robin after having a panic attack. Knowing she was about to go off to college, she finally understood she needed to address her stress. She had been to therapy before but had never connected with a therapist. She quickly and naturally connected with Dr. Robin through coaching and started to open up to her immediately. I could just see this huge sense of relief come over her after the first session. After a couple of more sessions, I saw a complete 360 with her. She lifted out of her depression and she started talking to me. It’s as if she now had the tools to be able to express herself and feel confident in what she had to say. She put the sessions to use and did the work to help herself. She values Dr. Robin’s advice, respects her as an expert and opens herself up to accepting guidance. She is now a happier young woman, much more confident, more expressive and more motivated. I am not worried about her anymore and as a mother, that is the greatest feeling I could have. I am so happy we got her in with Dr. Robin, it has been life changing. - Lisa, Stratham, NH